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Energy on a Mission

Access the
Cleanest & Cheapest Energy
on the Planet

Your Clean Energy Concierge

Cue aggregates your commitment with other buyers to create a cost-optimized power syndicate.

Scalable, Transparent Contracts

Lock in energy savings with flexible contracts with no volatility. As more buyers go green, the cheaper the energy gets for all.

Reduce your Energy Bill with 100% Renewables

Offset your carbon emissions with verified RECs

The Simple Switch to Climate Positive Energy Purchasing



We search a network of clean projects to develop the portfolio with the cheapest energy for you.


Direct Connection

Cue directly connects you to developers who deliver energy to the delivery point. Utilities move the energy to your meters.



Cue delivers you analytics on your energy supply and allows you to see your impact.

Energy Optimized to Save You Money

Access energy from optimized projects. Enjoy the purchasing power of syndicate buying.

Our algorithmically-driven ecosystem ensures that you get the cheapest energy.


Go Green. Save Green.



Planted Trees

Estimate Your Savings

Cue matches you with cheaper clean energy. Estimate your financial and environmental impact.


estimated monthly kWH used


current energy price $/kWH
88_dialThis is 88% ahead of the average city


Yearly Savings

Cue Finds Your Match

By sourcing the cheapest slices of energy from each project, we build your clean energy portfolio to maximize your savings.


Our Network

Our search algorithm scans a massive global network of projects to source the cheapest energy portfolio possible.


Make The Connection

Cue deploys demand aggregation and supply aggregation to significantly reduce the cost of buying clean energy.

boltUtility-Scale Aggregation
moneyCheapest Energy On the Market

How it Works

Source energy and offsets faster

Cue simplifies the contracting so you can meet your targets in less time with fewer transaction costs.


Track your impact goals

Cue allows you to set a clean energy commitment and see where you stack up relative to the IPCC target.

Connect with your customers

Drive customer loyalty as you align your brand with sustainability goals. You may also exchange credits with your customers and suppliers.


Be Part of Something Bigger

Join a collective of companies doing their part to create a green future.

Let’s switch to clean energy together

How It WorksFAQ

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